Malaysian stock exchange — Bursa Malaysia (KLSE)

It is the leading stock exchange in Malaysia. It executes stock, bond, futures, options, currency trading. It was founded in 1964 and initially called “Stock Exchange of Malaysia”. After Singapore’s separation from Malaysia it started to be called “Stock Exchange of Malaysia and Singapore”. In 1973 the stock exchanged divided into Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). In 2004 it was turned into a joint-stock company and given the new name of Bursa Malaysia. More than half of stock of the stock exchange is in the possession of the state.

Bursa Malaysia executes three types of exchange: 1) securities, 2) derivatives, 3) international financial exchange. It employs more than 600 people and its capital approximates to the capital of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) that is equal to $184.2 billion. Besides, Bursa Malaysia is a foremost regulator of securities market. It monitors the work of 1027 companies (2006) and keeps track of conformance of their activities to the main requirements of securities market.

Trading volume: $51,601 billion (2005). Profit: $21,5 million (2005).

The main index: KLCI (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) reflects the state of securities of more than 100 biggest companies listed at the stock exchange.

KSLE is opened from Monday through Friday from 8.45 to 6.05 (GMT+8)