New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

It is the world's largest commodities exchange. It consists of 2 trading floors: NYMEX which trades hydrocarbons, electricity, platinum, palladium, and COMEX (gold, silver, copper, aluminum. It is founded by a group of New York traders of dairy products in 1872 as Butter and Cheese Exchange of New York. In 1882 it got the current name. In 1970-1980 the stock exchange gradually refused from agricultural trade and switched to industrial products. It executes transactions with futures and options on commodities, nonferrous and precious metals, electric energy. In 1994 it merged with Commodity Exchange Inc. It has been under the administration of NYMEX Holdings Inc. since 2000.

Trading volume: 215,2 million contracts (2005).

Profit: $71,1 million (2005).

After "9/11" the stock exchange which is located near WTC had to stop its work for 4 days.