Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. (TSEC)

It is the only stock exchange in Taiwan. It executes transactions with shares, bonds, Taiwan depository receipt (TDR), warrants. It is founded in 1961. About 47% of its shares are on possession of state banks and companies, the rest shares belong to private companies and physical persons.

Trading volume: $585,379 billion (2005). Listing: 696 companies (2005). Capitalization: $476 billion (2005). Profit: $34,8 million (2004).

The main index: TAIEX (Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Index) — reflect the state of shares listed at TSEC.

In 1990 TSEC approximated to the markets of the USA and Japan in terms of average daily trading volume. 10th of February, 1990 was the day when TAIEX reached its historic high of 12 495 points but due to its overheating it fell by 80% in several months and it hasn’t rehabilitated yet since that time.